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What is "Tokyo Brass Concord"?

Tokyo Brass Concord (TBC) is a British-style brassband in Tokyo, Japan.
We have about 30 players and it mainly consists of "saxhorn" instruments such as cornets and euphoniums, and percussions.
This music style is originated in Britain nearly 200 years ago, but it's been only about 20 years since the style was introduced into Japan.
TBC started its activity as soon as "brassband" was introduced into Japan.
Our member gather from all over the Tokyo district on every Sunday morning.
We play from British traditional musics, brassband-original musics, to arrangements of classical musics.
Our main activity is annual concert in Ishibashi Memorial Hall in Ueno,Tokyo. We also perform in regional concerts and some high school windband's regular concerts.

Foundation and Name
Tokyo Brass Concord (TBC) was founded in January 1981 with the conductor Inoue Kinji who is our current trainer .
Mr. Frank Relton (General Manager, BBC Symphony Orchestra) came to Japan at that time, and fortunately we could get his training.
We asked him to name our band, and received a letter from him at a later date.
In that letter, he advised us to name the band "Tokyo Brass Concord", and it's been the name of our band since then.

Conductor: Inoue Kinji

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