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Maybe you ask yourself, "What is Brass Band??"
"Brass Band" is a music band which consists of brass instruments and percussions, and it is slight different from a windband. The tone generated by the same kind brass instruments is so beautiful that you would doubt it's really the tone of brass instruments.

We are trying to persuit such beautiful tone and also ambitiously trying to create a Japanese-style brass band.
We welcome those who want to enjoy brass band music together.

Feel free to come to our band and let's enjoy music together.
(Don't forget to bring your own instrument!!)
We especially need Bb Cornet, Tenor Horn, Trombone and Bass players now!!
Practice Date Every Sunday morning (basically from 9:00-12:00a.m.)
Place Halls and music studios around Tokyo
Contact Please send your inquiry from HERE
Main Activity Annual Concert, regional concerts, etc.
Required Basically over 15 years old and 3 years' experience of a brass instrument.
First, send your inquiry from HERE We really look forward to your coming!!

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