Instruments and their role (ordinary number of players)

Eb-Cornet (1)
It plays the highest register in a brassband. This instrument is the counterpart of flute or piccolo in a windband. It offers a contrasting touch of the sound of a band.

Bb-Cornet (Solo:4, Repiano:1, 2nd:2, 3rd:2)
Solo cornets are the counterpart of 1st violins in an orchestra. Sometimes repiano and solo cornets play duet together. 2nd and 3rd cornets usually play rhythm pattern and harmony.

Flugel horn (1)
Its register is the same as cornets, but the horn is more conical than them. So it has mellow tone. It plays solo, duet with tenor horns.

Tenor horn (Solo:1, 2nd:1, 3rd:1)
It's known as "alt horn" in Japan, but it is called "tenor horn" in Britain. The register is one octave lower than the Eb cornet. It plays melody in the middle register as a viola in an orchestra.

Baritone (1st:1, 2nd:1)
The register is same as euphoniums, but the tube is slight narrower than them. So it has bright tone. The bright tone is effectively used to enrich middle range tone.

Euphonium (Solo:1, 1st:1)
Its horn is more conical than baritones, so it has rich and warm tone. This instrument is invented and reproved in Britain. The counterpart in an orchestra is the cello.

Trombone (1st:1, 2nd:1, Bass:1)
Only the trombone has cillindrical tube in a brassband. In Britain, they use trombones with slight narrower tube. It plays a role to sharpen the band tone. As the trumpets in an orchestra, it sometimes plays signal-like phrase.

Eb-Bass (2)
Eb Bass joints euphoniums and Bb Bass. It enrich the whole tone of the band.

Bb-Bass (2)
Bb Bass is the foundation of a band. Its counterpart in an orchestra is the contrabass.

Percussion (2)
Ordinarily there are about two percussionists in a band in Britain. One percussionist usually plays timpani and keyboard instruments and another plays set of drums.

The deployment of a brassband (TBC's case)

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