The 24th Annual Concert

Date Apr. 26 2009 (Sun.) 14:00-
Place National Olympics Memorial Youth Center
Arts Building Large Hall (Yoyogi, Tokyo)
Conductor Kinji Inoue
Guest O'Jizo (Irish Band)
CCÉ Japan, Yasuko Teramachi, Shin-ya Muramatsu, Kazumi Soeda
  (Irish Dance)
[1st Stage]
  March "Arnhem" (A. E. Kelly)
  Greensleeves (Traditional / arr. G. Langford)
  Procession to the Minster from "Lohengrin"
     (R. Wagner / arr. H. Snell)
  The Bass in the Ballroom (R. Newsome) [Eb Bass]
  "Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor" Ouvertüre
     (O. Nicolai / arr. G. Hawkins)
[2nd Stage]
  The Westminster Waltz (R. Farnon / arr. G. Brand)
  Champagne Galop (H. C. Lumbye / arr. T. Harper)
  The Bells of Dunblane (R. Mathieson / arr. D. Pringle & A. Duncan)
  [Irish Music and Dance]
    a) The Piper's Picnic -- Calliope House
    b) Cooley's -- Wise Maid
  Gaelforce (P. Graham)
     [Bodhrán: Kozo Toyota (O'jizo)]
  Arioso (J. S. Bach / arr. J. de Haan)
  Midwest March (J. J. Richards / arr. D. Broadbent)

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