The 26th Annual Concert

Date Apr.28, 2013 (Sun) 14:00-
Place Ishibashi Memorial Hall, Ueno Gakuen (Ueno, Tokyo)
Conductor Hiroshi Kawabata, Shin-ichiro Tagawa
[1st Stage]
  March "The Middy" (K. J. Alford)
  Romance (from "The Gadfly") (D. Shostakovich / arr. D. Broadbent)
  Csárdás (from "Ritter Pázmán") (J. Strauss II / arr. H. Snell)
  The Tit-Larks (J. Ord Hume) [Soprano & Bb Cornet Duet]
  "La gazza ladra" Overture (G. A. Rossini / arr. D. Wright)
[2nd Stage]
  Vitae Aeternum (P. Lovatt-Cooper)
  The Water of Tyne (Traditional / arr. P. Harper)
  Post Horn Galop (H. L. Koenig / arr. S. Herbert)
  Blades of Toledo (T. L. Sharpe) [Trombone Trio]
  The Lost Chord (A. S. Sullivan / arr. G. Langford)
  Serenade (J. Heykens / arr. G. Mackenzie)
  Midwest March (J. J. Richards / arr. D. Broadbent)

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