The Joint Concert


June 13, 1999 (Sun) 13:30-

Place Hokutopia (Oji, Tokyo)
Conductor Inoue Kinji
Bands Blue Sky Wind Ensemble (Kita-ku,Tokyo)
Kawamoto Wind Ensemble (Kawamoto-cho,Saitama)
Tokyo Brass Concord (Tokyo)
Mass Wind Band
March "Seyffertitz" (R.Achleitner)
Tangents III (H.Jackson)
"Villia" from "Merry Widow" (F.Lehar/arr.A.Reed)
"Intermezzo" from "The Marriage of Louis Alonso" (G.Gimenez)
Brass Band
Yellow Submarine (J.Lennon&P.McCartney/arr.A.Catherall)
The Minstrel Boy (Traditional/arr.G.Langford)
Fiddle-Faddle (L.Anderson)
Riverdance (B.Whelan/arr.R.Farr)
Mass Wind & Brass Band
We could have danced all night (F.Loewe/arr.N.Iwai)
Egyptian March (J.StraussII/arr.S.Somma)
The Beautiful Blue Danube (J.StraussII/arr.J.Gready)
Mexican Festival (H.O.Reed)
Admission Fee 1,000yen (800yen: primary&junior highschool student)

This concert was featured in a wind band magazine "Band Journal" as follows:

On June 13th, the joint concert of wind band and British-style brass band was held at Hoktopia in Oji,Tokyo. The two style was blended on the stage and all the audience enjoyed the unique and beautiful sound.

Tokyo Brass Concord performed the "Riverdance" which is the music for a moving Irish dance show. The performance changed the atmosphere of the hall with vivid rythm of percussions as if it were a dance hall.


Programme Note

March "Seyffertitz"

R.Achleitner(1864-1909) was born in Salzburg, Austria. He composed many pieces teaching a band in Viena.

Tangents III

This piece is played by a wind band and a tape in which electronic music is recorded. The conductor makes the music watching the figures on the score which describes electronic music. The composer H.Jackson was born in Texas, studied in Kansas University. Now he is active in the field of composing and electronic music.

"Intermezzo" from "The Marriage of Luis Alonso"

They say this piece is Spanish composer H.Gimenez's best piece of Zarzuela. "Zarzuela" is a kind of musical play originated in the mid-17th century when the king of Spain held a musical play in "La Zarzuela" Palace.

Yellow Submarine

Beatles' best hit song was arranged for brass band. Melodies of many famous marches such as "Stars and Stripes Forever", "Sailor's Hornpipe" and so on are weaved in this piece.

The Minstrel Boy

Minstrels means the people in the Middle Ages who travelled around to sing ballads in castles or aristcrat's houses. They were also called "birds" because they were travelling around the country. This piece sounds beautiful, but the lyric describes the patriotic message of Celtic people who were exiled to Ireland after the wars against Angro-Saxon people.


This is comoposed by L.Anderson who is famous for "Trumpetter's Holiday", "Syncopated Clock" and so on. This piece is usually played by a violin.


This piece is based on the rhythm of reel (Irish dance) and performed by the orchestration of folk instruments and orchestra. Originally, this piece was composed for the European Folk Song Championship in Ireland. However, broadcast on TV it achieved great popularity and it was adopted by a dance show. The show is being performed all over the world including Japan.

We Could Have Danced All Night

It is one of the music in the musical "My Fair Lady". Since the premiere performance in March 15th 1956, 2717 stages had been held in 7 years. This musical is the greatest hit in the history of Broadway. "We Could Have Danced All Night" is sung by excited heroin Eliza when she could say the phrase "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain" for the first time. The original piece of this musical is "Pygmalion" by Barnard Shaw.

Egyptian March

This piece was composed after Suez Canal was opened in Egypt in 1869. Strauss II also composed "Polka Sightseeing Train" after the opening of the sightseeing railway. He seemed to be good at composing such pieces taking a hint from social matters.

Waltz "Beautiful Blue Danube"

This is Strauss II's most famous and greatest waltz. But originally, it was a choral song for male chorus and did not have good reputation just after the premiere performance in Viena. However, three months after that, he recomposed the piece for orchestra and when he performed in Paris Expo it achieved great popularity.

Mexican Festival


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